Ultimate List of Easy Easter Egg Fillers (That Aren’t Candy!)

Ultimate List of Easter Egg Fillers (That Aren't Candy!)

Last year before Easter, I got together with some Mom friends for an Easter egg stuffing party. We all had young toddlers and wanted to make their first Easter egg hunt experience a great one.

Knowing that our kids would probably get a lot of candy for Easter (and knowing how hyper kids can get with candy!) we decided to stuff our eggs with non-candy items.

As I was shopping for the Easter egg stuffing party, I was surprised at just how many great non-candy stuffing items I found. And, they were all pretty inexpensive. Especially compared to how high candy prices are this time of heat.

I did end up taking my daughter to a local Easter egg hunt at a church where she got some eggs with candy in them. But, I used the non-candy eggs I stuffed for an egg hunt at our house. We did an egg hunt right when she woke up. Then, when we had Easter dinner with family, I used the non-candy eggs for a hunt with all of the cousins. They loved it!

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We did a variety of small eggs and some jumbo eggs for the larger items as well.

There really are so many possibilities of stuffing waster eggs with non-candy items. I’m sure there are so many other things that you can find that aren’t on this list. You really can’t go wrong. Anything that would be a fun toy for the kids that would fit in an Easter egg will do.

Of course, the big bottles of bubbles don’t fit. But, you can find smaller bubble bottles that are party size and people use for weddings, birthdays, and other events. And they’re pretty inexpensive. After Easter, these are great to throw in the diaper bag or car to keep kids entertained at church or other places where they need to be quiet.

Balls are loads of fun. Any small ball that will fit in an Easter egg will do.

Jewelry is a great gift because it lasts a long time, keeps kids entertained, and they can play with it for dress up. Easter eggs can easily be filled with necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Jewelry always seems to be disappearing or breaking at our house too, so it makes a great Easter egg filling to replenish our stash.

Foam stickers, reusable stickers, jewel stickers, regular stickers—there are a ton of options here! I cut them up so that they would fit inside the eggs and the kids loved them. My daughter loves to put stickers on everything: the couch, her hands, the floor, Mom and Dad… anywhere but paper it seems.

These are similar to sticky hands which also make good fillers and I lump into this category. You can usually find these at the dollar store this time of year. They’re usually Easter themed too so the kids can decorate the windows in the house with egg and bunny window stickers. As a side note, these make an excellent toy to take when traveling with kids.

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Because I wanted to do non-candy eggs and keep the sugar intake to a minimum, I tried to choose low sugar snack options like crackers or dried fruit. Go nuts here! (Literally… unless your kids can’t eat nuts).

When shopping, I was able to find small stamps that fit into the eggs. A year later, my daughter still loves these stamps and plays with them during craft time.

  • Money

When all else fails and you can’t think of anything else to stuff in an Easter egg, use money. You can’t go wrong with money. If your kids are old enough to understand how to use money, you can put a dollar in the egg and tell them they can take it to the dollar store to get a toy. For my daughters first Easter, she may have been a bit young for money, so we didn’t do this. But, this year we are planning to stuff an egg or two with money. It can be a great opportunity to teach kids about money.

I found these toy jumping frogs that jump when you push on them. There are so many other little toys that would easily fit inside an Easter egg. I’ve seen tiny toy cars, animals, and airplanes. You can get creative as you’re shopping and find other small toys.

These make a great Easter egg stuffer because they are a fun toy all-year round. I’m all for toys that last a long time and provide hours of entertainment for the kids. My daughter and I made a puppet show craft activity out of popsicle sticks and paper. It was so much fun that I made a busy bag for my daughter’s finger puppets that we took on our road trip. I still pull it out for church or quiet time activities.

I’m a huge fan of any craft or art supply gifts. They get used up and they are a ton of fun. I don’t know why, but kids love those little erasers too. Kid erasers come in all different themes and shapes such as animals, food, or these fun puzzle erasers that you can play with and put together.

What kid doesn’t love marbles? And, if you stuff some Easter eggs with marbles, then you can make it kind of like a scavenger hunt and have one of these marble labrinth maze games as the final Easter present for a surprise. The marble in the Easter egg would be like a clue for the big present at the end. What fun for kids!

I’m not sure if kids these days play with jacks, but I used to love them as a kid! I didn’t put these in the eggs last year, but I’m planning to find some this year for Easter eggs. I want to put a few in multiple eggs so that they can find a collection of them to put together after the egg hunt.

I know that jacks can be the bane of parents because they are a pain in the foot if left out! But, they make a fun game for kids. I have a fond memory of jacks from my childhood. Our kids are only young once, so might as well let them enjoy childhood while they can.

My daughter has been super into beads and making jewelry lately. Stringing beads is also a great fine motor development activity. You can stuff an Easter egg with a little make-your-own necklace or bracelet kit. I’m a huge proponent of any activity that gets kids creative and that you can have fun doing with your kids.

Silly putty or slime putty already comes in an egg, so you can just hide that. Simple. Easy. That’s how I roll as a parent!

For some reason, kids love keychains. I used to collect keychains as a kid and my daughter now loves to play with the keychains on my key ring. Most would easily fit inside an Easter egg. There are so many options here but I chose these Emoji ones because my daughter is into the Emoji movie right now.

This toy from last year’s Easter eggs is still a favorite in our house. My daughter will bring it to me saying “spin the circle mommy.” She loves watching it spin, making it stop, and then handing it back to me to spin again. Hours of entertainment.

My daughter is very interested in counting and numbers right now. And, she loves dice! She will roll them and count the dots on them. Dice can be a great learning opportunity and a great Easter egg filler. These ones are great because they have different colors so your toddler can learn both counting/numbers and colors.


So, there you have it, my master list of quick and easy Easter egg fillers that won’t load your kids up on sugar.

Easter egg stuffing parties can be great because it was a fun moms night out and we enjoyed talking while we stuffed eggs. The look on your toddler’s face when she finds her first Easter egg and opens too is priceless.

Planning an Easter egg stuffing party is simple too. Have everyone shop at a different store and bring several options for stuffing. Make sure everyone brings some eggs to stuff as well. Then, when you’re all gathered together, you can distribute the goodies to stuff. Everyone leaves with a bag full of fun Easter eggs for the kids.

You can even have everyone bring a snack to munch on while you stuff eggs or watch a fun movie. Easter egg stuffing parties are a lot of fun and there are a ton of options for non-candy items if you don’t want your kids getting too much sugar.

ultimate list of easter egg fillers (that aren't candy!)







Are you planning on stuffing Easter eggs with non-candy items this year? What else would you add to this list?

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