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22 Times it's OK for Parent's to Binge Eat Cookie Dough

22 Times it’s OK for Parents to Binge Eat Cookie Dough

We all have our ways of self-indulging.

I remember when my daughter was switching from three to two naps. It was awfull! If she didn’t get the third nap in but obviously needed it, then she would only nap riding in the car.

I could have easily gotten frustrated because I couldn’t get anything done driving around every day while she napped.

Instead, I chose to make the best of it. Sure I couldn’t get things done by myself around the house. But, there were other things I could do driving around.

For me, that meant driving to the coffee shop to get a chai tea latte and a cookie. Pretty soon, I was looking forward to driving her to nap if she refused to go down.

It wasn’t every day and I wouldn’t get a cookie every time so there was moderation. But, I learned something important.

You can make the best of any situation.

Even your toddler refusing to nap.

There are other ways I’ve found to indulge and treat myself as a parent over the years. After all, we can’t take care of our kids if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

I recently wrote about a little game I invented for those crazy times in parenthood that you feel like pulling your hair out… or dipping into the cookie dough bowl for sanity.

If you’re wondering what the 22 times are that it’s OK to dip into the cookie dough, then head over to Scary Mommy to find out!


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