Read More About My Adventures Traveling Alone With a Toddler!

Read More About My Experience Traveling Alone With a Toddler

Traveling with kids can be difficult. Especially if you do it alone. Traveling alone with a toddler is never easy. Fortunately, for those who have gone before us, they can offer practical tips and tricks for making the trip easier.

Before my daughter was barely over a year old, we had flown with her twice (each trip nearly 2,000 miles!), and taken one massively long road trip to my sister’s med school graduation.

She has now been on more planes than some adults have been in their entire lives!

5 Things to do With Your Kids (Using Your Tax Refund Money)

5 Things to do With Your Kids Using Your Tax Refund Money

Tax day is coming up! And, like everyone else, you’re hoping for a refund. Or at least to break even. Even if you have to pay some like we did this year, there are so many fun (paid and free) things to do with your kids.

I’m always looking for ways to spend time with my kiddos that are fun, educational, and don’t break the bank (too much).

I truly believe that making memories and having fun experiences with your kids is more important than buying gifts. Things are great. But, they don’t last forever.

Ultimate List of Easy Easter Egg Fillers (That Aren’t Candy!)

Ultimate List of Easter Egg Fillers (That Aren't Candy!)

Last year before Easter, I got together with some Mom friends for an Easter egg stuffing party. We all had young toddlers and wanted to make their first Easter egg hunt experience a great one.

Knowing that our kids would probably get a lot of candy for Easter (and knowing how hyper kids can get with candy!) we decided to stuff our eggs with non-candy items.

As I was shopping for the Easter egg stuffing party, I was surprised at just how many great non-candy stuffing items I found. And, they were all pretty inexpensive. Especially compared to how high candy prices are this time of heat.

I did end up taking my daughter to a local Easter egg hunt at a church where she got some eggs with candy in them. But, I used the non-candy eggs I stuffed for an egg hunt at our house. We did an egg hunt right when she woke up. Then, when we had Easter dinner with family, I used the non-candy eggs for a hunt with all of the cousins. They loved it!

Entertain Your Toddler for Hours Using These Three Household Items

Entertain your toddler for hours using these 3 household items

Entertain your toddler for hours with these 3 household items

We all know this scenario. Your toddler is fussy and clingy. Every time you put her down so you can make dinner she screams at the top of her lungs. The struggle is real. Everyone needs to eat, but how do you entertain your toddler with activities and keep him occupied for at least 30 minutes while you at least whip up some mac & cheese?

Honestly, there have been times when I just turn on the TV. Far too many times actually. It’s just so easy. But lately, even that isn’t enough to entertain my needy almost-two-year-old while I manage to cook or, heaven forbid, take a five-minute shower!