Review of ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

Review of ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

I am so glad that I found this ebook! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how it has been a lifesaver.


Before I found it, I felt like I was starting to struggle with postpartum depression. It’s like I hit a wall one weekend. I zoned out and felt like I couldn’t function.

So, I decided to just let go and stop trying to do it all at once-organize and clean my house, cook, work, and take care of the kids. I also started doing more self-care and things that helped me feel good about my postpartum body.

I had just run out of the freezer meals that I stocked up on in my third trimester. When I reached for that last Ziploc in the freezer, a piece of me died.

How on earth am I supposed to find time to cook? I’m on my one now, I thought.

Enter Lisa’s freezer meal ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals.

3 Easy(ish) Steps to Wean Your Toddler Gently

3 Easy Steps to Gently Wean Your Toddler

My goal was to nurse my daughter until she was a year old. Yea that ship sailed a long time ago. We hit our goal. And then some. She is now over two years old and I am happy to announce that it has been over a week since she’s had mommies milkies. She’s a big girl now! Turns out, it’s no easy task to gently wean your toddler!

Nobody tells you that babies don’t just wean themselves. It takes effort, time, and patience. You have to work at it.

For some moms and babies it goes smoothly and easily. But not always. Sometimes (as in my daughter’s case), nursing becomes a habit, and a difficult one to break at that.

Breastfeeding is a team effort. When you want to try and wean, you have to both be ready.

When you have decided to make the leap, there can be a lot to think about. Do you go cold turkey or do you try to wean slowly over time? What drink can you use to replace nursing? What ways can you find to bond with your baby that replace nursing?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Introducing Your Toddler to Your Newborn

How to Introduce Your Toddler to Your Newborn

I’ll admit, I screwed it up. Big time! As it turns out, introducing your toddler to your newborn isn’t always as easy and straightforward as it seems. There are a lot of big emotions for such little people.

I thought I had prepared. The big sister bag was packed with a present from the newborn. I had a plan for big sister when I went into labor. And, I read articles about the big introduction and what to say (and what not to say).

But honestly, when that day came and she walked into the delivery room, I froze. Granted, I had just had a baby and was pretty exhausted. But, looking back, there are things I could have prepared for better and things I could have done differently.

Now, I am on a mission to tell every mother pregnant with her second child the Do’s and Don’ts of introducing your toddler to your newborn. Here’s what I learned…