Fruits, Cakes, and Nuts is a blog to help give moms the tools to find joy in (and embrace) the nuttiness of life with kids. This is a place to be open and honest about the chaos of life and share tools that help you learn to let go, live intentionally, eliminate stress, and become the best moms that we can be.

If you appreciate vulnerability that life’s not always perfect and sometimes seems nutty, then you’re in the right community. Here you can find posts with parenting hacks (and rants), crafts and creativity, small-space living, tips for home life (and anything DIY), saving money, and ways to be crunchy (yet economical and cool at the same time).

The blog Fruits, Cakes, and Nuts came about in 2014 after I had been in the hospital with an anxiety attack (and I mean a major anxiety attack). Writing has always been a passion, a way to process, and just a fun thing for me to do. So, I decided to share my writing with the world and help other moms who feel stressed to realize that they’re not alone. Thus, the blog was born as I wrote about life in order to embrace the nuttiness of my own.

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