5 Things that Help Your Kids Sleep Through the Night

5 Things that Get Your Kid Sleeping Through the Night (1)

If you follow me at all you know how excited I am about my children’s picture book What to Do if You Wake with the Stars. It would be easy for me to talk about how it helped my daughter eliminate night wakings and sleep through the night. It provided us with a gentle approach to helping her sleep all night.

What to Do if you Wake with the Stars cover

But… my book is actually not in this list believe it or not. Because there are so many other things that have helped my kids sleep better that I want to talk about them too.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite things that have helped my kids sleep through the night. Cutting out night nursing was the first big thing that had to happen before we could eliminate night wakings. You can read how I night weaned my kids in a previous post (hint, there’s an awesome book that helps with this!).

But back to my list… here are my top 5 favorite things to help kids sleep through the night.

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1) Baby’s magic sleep tea

Honestly, I wish I had known about this with my firstborn. She was so colicky and fought sleep like a seasoned MMA cjampion. We thought we had tried it all but turns out we were just too tired to keep looking for more resources.

So we gave up.

She hated the taste of straight up camomile tea so I always wonder if she would’ve liked the baby magic sleep tea, especially in her colicky stage because there’s also a colic version of this tea. And one that helps with constipation. Seriously, there are so many of these magic teas for babies. They’re amazing!

This tea is chocked full of sleepy time magical ingredients like:


Chammomile has an antioxidant called apigenin which can reduce anxiety and induce sleep (wahoo!). Another potential benefit which I didn’t realize is that it can act as an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce acne. I imagine this can be helpful for babies that struggle with skin issues.

Oh and it’s dairy and soy free and has only FDA approved, organic ingredients that are baby safe.

Fennel seeds

This ingredient can be helpful for colicy babies because it can help with indigestion, bloating, and constipation. It can also help with skin issues as well.


Ginger can also help with indigestion and nausea. All good things for fussy, colicy babies.

2) Hylands calming tablets

These precious Hyland’s calming tablets have helped both of my kids settle down to get ready for bed so much over the years! I cannot rave enough about them. My three year old still asks for these occasionally before bedtime.

I’m still not entirely sure how these magical homeopathic tablets work but I trust the crunchy science. Plus they have chamomile in them which is great for calming down. Heck, I even use the camomile homeopathic tablet for myself from time to time.

3) Warmies

My sister in law first introduced me to Warmies because they helped her kids sleep as well. If you haven’t seen them then you’re missing out. Warmies are the cutest stuffed animals packed with some sort of bean or rice that you can microwave until it’s warm for kids to snuggle with as they fall asleep.

It’s perfect if you live in a frigid climate nine months out of the year like I do.

They come in puppies and foxes and horses and basically any cute animal that kids know and love.

I think the coolest part about these is that they’re scented with lavender which also helps kids calm down for sleep.

Really the only downside to these is that they’re hard to clean. My daughter had an accident on hers during potty training and we had to throw it out because we couldn’t get the smell out.

But I’ve heard of moms removing the beans, washing it, then restuffing and sewing it back up.

I just don’t have time for that now and it’s a fair enough price so we got another one. Now my son loves it too.

As a side note, I eventually want to make a stuffed animal out of the illustrations from my children’s book What to Do if You Wake with the Stars so the kids can have something to snuggle during bedtime story and as they fall asleep. So cute!

4) Fisher price lullaby plush

When my daughter first hit the four-month sleep regression (although she didn’t sleep great before that either), we got her this adorable fisher price elephant lullaby stuffed animal. It would turn on if she rolled over and I believe helped soothe her back to sleep in the middle of the night.

We were so lost before this came into our lives.

Unfortunately, when our son his that four-month regression, we found out that our daughter’s old elephant had died.

But then we found this adorable giraffe lullaby stuffed animal also by fisher price.

They really seem to know how to help kids sleep.

And this one has a soft glow. It made my son feel like a big kid since sister had a nightlight too. The giraffe isn’t as bright as an actual nightlight so the soft glow is good for babies but sometimes older kids want a stronger nightlight.

Which brings me to magical sleep tip #5…

5) Night light clock

When my daughter reached a certain age (a little after she turned 2), she stopped wanting to sleep in the dark. Apparently, it’s super common and there’s a simple solution.

There are a ton of really cool nightlights for kids but we chose to get this clock that teaches time and has a night light built in. She was also fascinated by clocks at this time. We got it for our daughter when her fisher price elephant died and she loves it.

The coolest thing about this clock is that it has a setting where the light turns green when it’s time to wake up. It was great for teaching our daughter that when the light is yellow it’s time to sleep but when it turns green she can come get in our bed.

The clock also has a game for learning to tell time on an analog clock where it shows the time and the kids practice reading the hands on the clock. Great for older kids going into preschool.

Bonus tip #6 – Essential Oils

If you follow me at all, you know that I love essential oils! Especially the Doterra oils. I’ve already mentioned how the smell of lavender is amazing for helping kids sleep. There really are a ton of oils that reduce anxiety and aid in a restful night sleep. But there are a couple of other oils that I’ve used with positive results.

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This is probably one of my favorite essential oil aromas. I love to spray this on my kids’ pillows before bed or diffuse it in their rooms at night.


Vetiver can be great for restful sleep because it’s been known to calm and ground emotions.

So there you have it! My favorite products to help my kids sleep through the night (with a few extras).

If you’re curious to know more about my children’s picture book What to Do if You Wake with the Stars, you can check out the book’s website. It will be published on March 26th, 2019 so stay tuned! Through colorful illustrations and soothing, rhythmic bedtime story, kids learn ways to put themselves back to sleep if they wake up at night such as “tuck in your stuffies,” or “think about your favorite things.” You can join my email list to stay updated and learn about book promotions and giveaways!

What to Do if you Wake with the Stars cover

What else has helped your kids sleep through the night?

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