5 Things that Help Your Kids Sleep Through the Night

5 Things that Get Your Kid Sleeping Through the Night (1)

If you follow me at all you know how excited I am about my children’s picture book What to Do if You Wake with the Stars. It would be easy for me to talk about how it helped my daughter eliminate night wakings and sleep through the night. It provided us with a gentle approach to helping her sleep all night.

What to Do if you Wake with the Stars cover

But… my book is actually not in this list believe it or not. Because there are so many other things that have helped my kids sleep better that I want to talk about them too.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite things that have helped my kids sleep through the night. Cutting out night nursing was the first big thing that had to happen before we could eliminate night wakings. You can read how I night weaned my kids in a previous post (hint, there’s an awesome book that helps with this!).

But back to my list… here are my top 5 favorite things to help kids sleep through the night.

How to Make Your First Etsy Sale

How to Make Your First Etsy Sale

You did it! You set up your Etsy shop, added some cool info, and listed a few items.

Now what?

You wait… and wait. It can be frustrating when your items come up for renewal but still no sales. You want to sell your creations but don’t want to keep paying the $0.20 if no one is buying.

That’s what happened to me. When I first set up my Etsy shop, I completely forgot about it. Nothing was selling, but I didn’t bother checking to see if I could update images, tags, or beef up my descriptions at all.

Why isn’t anyone buying my stuff? I wondered.

The thing is, people will buy your product. You just have to figure out how to market it to the right buyers.

Review of ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

Review of ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals

I am so glad that I found this ebook! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how it has been a lifesaver.


Before I found it, I felt like I was starting to struggle with postpartum depression. It’s like I hit a wall one weekend. I zoned out and felt like I couldn’t function.

So, I decided to just let go and stop trying to do it all at once-organize and clean my house, cook, work, and take care of the kids. I also started doing more self-care and things that helped me feel good about my postpartum body.

I had just run out of the freezer meals that I stocked up on in my third trimester. When I reached for that last Ziploc in the freezer, a piece of me died.

How on earth am I supposed to find time to cook? I’m on my one now, I thought.

Enter Lisa’s freezer meal ebook Healing for Postpartum Freezer and Breastfeeding Meals.

4 Tips For Busy moms: How to balance between work and home duties

4 Tips for Busy Moms - How to Balance Work and Home Life

This guest post is by Alex from Superb Cleaning Services. As work at home moms, it can be hard to juggle work and family life. Hiring a cleaning service can sometimes help. Whether you hire a cleaning service or do it all yourself, the thing that matters is being good to yourself and making sure you’re taking time for you in the midst of the craziness.

It is not easy to find the perfect balance between work and home, especially if you are a mother, too. If you are in a couple, however, it may be a little easier for you because one of the partners can stay at home and do the housework, while the other one can work full-time. If you are a single mum who manages on your own, the possibilities are limited.  Even though you may not always feel like the master of the situation, there are still things you can do to facilitate your life.

The balance between work and home duties is something which most busy mothers crave. Studies indicate that many parents are doing their best to find a way to work more flexibly, although this may have a negative effect on the wage. However, there is nothing more important than some quality time spent with our children. In real life, unfortunately, getting a perfect balance can be tricky. Tricky, but not impossible! Roll up your sleeves and take a look at those tips.

Pilates During Pregnancy – Safety Tips You Need to Know

Pilates During Pregnancy Safety Tips You Need to Know

The following is a guest post by Rachel Lee of The Baby Lover. Rachel is an amazing mom and I’m excited to continue our relationship and for you all to get to know her too. There are many more exciting things to come!

Pilates during pregnancy is one of the biggest concerns pregnant women have. As we all know, pilates is great for training the body and keeping it strong, balanced, and stable. But is it really safe during pregnancy? Let’s find out more about this topic below including some tips to keep you safe while helping you maximize the benefits you can get from it.

Pilates Benefits for Pregnant Women

Pilates is a kind of an exercise that includes different types of positions and movements designed to keep you coordinated and strong. There are also breathing patterns when you perform each position to give you better control throughout the different transitions.

Here are the following benefits that pilates can do to your body:

I Became More Intentional With My Kids and These 3 Things Happened

Becoming an Intentional Parent Series Week 1 - Cutting Out Screen Time

We were in the middle of selling our house while beginning building our new home. There were showings nearly every day, my husband was working all day every day, and the roof was being replaced for the buyers. How do you practice intentional parenting in the midst of all of this?

Life was chaos.

It became so easy to plop my kiddos in front of the tv all day while I packed and prepared the house to sell. Let’s be honest, it can be so easy to switch on the tv and let technology babysit.

Then one day, I stopped in the midst of the roofers pounding away. I noticed my daughter staring at the tv even though she could hardly hear with all the noise.

I realized that even when the tv is on, my toddler often runs off to do something else while leaving the tv on in the background. And then proceeds to whine if I go to turn it off.

I thought back on the week at the amount of whining and fussing she had done and wondered if it was related to the amount of screen time.

3 Big Tips for Moving With Young Kids

3 Big Tips for Moving With Young Kids

Last year my husband and I bought land to build a new house. It’s taken us a year, but we have finally broken ground! Because we hope to get the house closed in by winter, we plan to move into a 31-foot camper trailer while we build. Moving is no joke, especially moving with young kids.

We may be are insane for doing this but so excited for this next phase of our lives. The 31’ camper has a nice slide-out and is technically wider than our current house (hey one-foot difference counts right?) so I’m hoping that it won’t be too cramped with two kids.

This camper was made with my toddler in mind! It has a bunk bed just like her cousins and a play area underneath with a dry erase board just like the one at home. Talking to her big cousin about the bunk bed made her excited to live there temporarily while the house is built.

Besides, I plan to be spending a lot of time outside with them this summer getting to know our new neighborhood and surrounding area. There will be plenty of new playgrounds, parks, rivers, and a new library to discover.

Business Mom of the Month – Interview with Bridgette of JoBri Milk Charms

Business Mom of the Month Bridgette of JoBri Milk Charms

I first discovered breastmilk jewelry when I was still nursing my daughter. She was my first baby and we went through the ups and downs of learning to breastfeed.

Before you get grossed out, read on to learn why I got a breastmilk necklace and why Bridgette makes them.

My breastfeeding goal? Make it one year. After all, that’s what all the experts were recommending.

Two years later I never would have imagined that we would make it that far. We made a great team.

I recently weaned her after our long road of bonding through breastfeeding. After a month of tandem nursing, I decided we were ready to be done.

There are so many emotions connected to breastfeeding.

3 Easy(ish) Steps to Wean Your Toddler Gently

3 Easy Steps to Gently Wean Your Toddler

My goal was to nurse my daughter until she was a year old. Yea that ship sailed a long time ago. We hit our goal. And then some. She is now over two years old and I am happy to announce that it has been over a week since she’s had mommies milkies. She’s a big girl now! Turns out, it’s no easy task to gently wean your toddler!

Nobody tells you that babies don’t just wean themselves. It takes effort, time, and patience. You have to work at it.

For some moms and babies it goes smoothly and easily. But not always. Sometimes (as in my daughter’s case), nursing becomes a habit, and a difficult one to break at that.

Breastfeeding is a team effort. When you want to try and wean, you have to both be ready.

When you have decided to make the leap, there can be a lot to think about. Do you go cold turkey or do you try to wean slowly over time? What drink can you use to replace nursing? What ways can you find to bond with your baby that replace nursing?